SLIK Tripod: my thoughts

Shekinah Shazaam Photography · April 22, 2018 · Blogging, Reviews · 0 comments


I was using thrifted/hand-me-down tripods since the beginning of my photographic adventures. I really didn’t have a problem with them until finally during some filming last year the middle tightening mechanism broke and almost had my camera tumbling to the ground. I realized then that these cheap things weren’t a good way to protect my investment, so I asked for a much higher quality tripod for Christmas. My brother & sister-in-law ordered exactly what I requested and I was so excited to start using it. I’ve had about 3 solid months of working with it, so here are my thoughts.



-Well made







-Has specialized quick release plate


Upon opening the box, I knew this was a quality piece of work. Everything was solidly put together, no wiggling handles or unstable joints. The legs are pretty stiff and you have to pull with a decent amount of force to get all three open. The legs are also covered with a thick foam so it makes gripping them even easier. There’s the additional option of using the middle column as a way to get flat-lays or close up macro shots as well.


Due to its large size (about three times bigger than the cheapest starter tripods) it is heavy and won’t easily fit into a backpack or smaller sized bag. It did come with a carrying case that helps though. I wouldn’t recommend using this as a travel tripod due to its size/weight. This also has a different quick release plate than many other tripods. It is round and seems to be specially made for this model. Replacement plates may be more difficult to find in the future.


Although it is large, I am confident that this tripod will continue to hold my camera up for many years to come. I love it not only for photography, but because of the smooth head, it is excellent for filming videos as well. I highly recommend this tripod to anyone looking for an investment that will last them for many years.


May the light be with you.







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