The heavenly 135mm

Shekinah Shazaam Photography · June 10, 2018 · Blogging, Reviews · 0 comments


Here we are with another biased title! I can’t help it. When it comes to products or tools that deliver, the world needs to know about them. In the beginning of the year I invested in my first “L-series” glass and I have noticed a tremendous difference. I still love my 85mm, but the 135mm allows me to fill even more of the frame with my subject’s face (kind of the purpose of headshots.)



– Beyond flattering for portraits

– Very fast

– Bokeh so creamy you can taste it



– Expensive

– Heavy


As mentioned above, this lens is PERFECT for headshots & portraits. When using a wider aperture, as on any other fast lens, you can really isolate your subject and make them pop. The compression is very evident due to the length and the creamy bokeh is so dreamy I smile every time I see it.


A couple downsides to this lens are its price & weight. If you’re just starting out, $1000 is probably too much to spend. Honestly, if you are using a cropped sensor body, investing in the $350 85mm will give you similar results. The 135mm is also pretty darn heavy, so keep that in mind if you worry about carrying it around all day.


All-in-all, I am incredibly pleased with the quality this lens has produced. It was well worth the investment and is something I will be using for years to come.


May the light be with you.







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