Gear storage ideas

Shekinah Shazaam Photography · October 14, 2018 · Blogging, Gear · 0 comments


There are many different ways to store your camera gear. Some people are fortunate enough to have large studios with plenty of space, but many of us have to make due with much less. Here are some ideas of places to store your gear.


On bookshelves

If you have some space available on your bookshelf, consider putting your gear there. Whether on the top or mixed all in between, this would be an easy place to keep track of everything.


On hanging shelves

Similarly, if you have shelves hanging on the wall, you can display your camera body & lenses on them. They can become a part of the décor when they aren’t in use.


In camera bags

If you’re like me and have more than one camera bag, there’s always the option of storing items within them. Keeping your most used gear in a bag you can easily grab before a shoot will help leaving much faster.


In baskets, boxes, or bins

This is my preferred area for other lenses, flashes, batteries, etc. What’s great about this is you can put small items in little pouches or containers and group all the items together in a specified bin. That way, everything is definitely in the same area and you won’t have to worry about misplacing anything.


In drawers

Alternatively, if you are trying to keep dust away, you can put items in drawers. Small items like memory cards & batteries can easily fit in shallow drawers, and bigger things like camera bodies & lenses do well in deeper drawers.


In closets

This is a great place to put tall items like tripods and lighting gear. If leaned in the back corner, these items shouldn’t take away too much room from the clothes and/or linens already stored there.


So there are a few places you can store gear in your very own dwelling. May this inspire you to organize!


May the light be with you.







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